Postrun carbs may mean healthier bones

Postrun carbs may mean healthier bones

A random protein shake recipe from
A random protein shake recipe from Nelson Pavlosky’s Flickr

Found via their Twitter feed yesterday, Running World have posted an interesting little article about the results of a new study into the affects of consumption of carbohydrate and protein in that magical “2 hour window” following exercise. We’ve all heard about the “protein window” suggesting that to help build muscle it’s important you consume protein straight after exercise, but this study seems to suggest that there is a similar “window” for improving bone health.

The conclusion is that in the groups who consumed protein and carbs within windows there were decreased “markers” which could indicate a decrease in bone density, and an increase in markers which suggest “remodelling” or improving bone density. The opposite was seen in the placebo group.

If you’re interested, have a read of the Runners World Article: Postrun Carbs May Mean Healthier Bones.

If you want to see the science, check out the original Study: LWWonline link of study. (Needs a subscription)

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