running pace conversion bands mins/mile to mins/km

running pace conversion bands mins/mile to mins/km


A stretchy silicone wrist band so you can convert running paces from mins/mile to mins/km. Handy for run leaders while out running to be accurate when advising running paces.

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minutes per mile to minutes per kilometre running pace conversion band on a wrist
Glance down and convert 9 minute miles to a little faster than 5:30 minutes per kilometre!

When running, I work mostly in metric. 5k. 10k. 21.1.k. 42.2k. I think of running paces in mins/k. Miles confuse the hell out of me, especially when talking about running paces, so when our run leader talks about a 7 minute mile tempo run, I’m usually lost. So, I made these!

Mins/mile on the top, mins/km on the bottom. You can then judge just how fast your friend is when they are bragging about their run yesterday, or advise a pace for a newbie asking just how fast their tempo runs should be.



Couple of points on the bands:

  • They are on the larger size, but to happily lodge behind running watches so don’t fall off that easily.  Please bear that in mind if you have very small wrists
  • The text is a little small, so if you struggle with close vision you may need your glasses.  If I make a new batch, I’ll have a wider band so I can increase the font size.
  • Yeah. I know no-one needs a 2mins/mile pace.  I was a little over eager!