TrekFest, The Peaks 2016

TrekFest, The Peaks 2016
TrekFest, The Peaks 2016

TrekFest, The Peaks 2016 In September I worked at TrekFest with Athletes Angels.  This was a 25k, 50k, 75k or, incredibly, a 100k walk around the Peak District, finishing at the Hope Valley College. There, in a large marquee we waited on the finishers to come in and provide them with free massages to ease out their muscles.

It was a two day event, with people starting to come in from their walks in the late afternoon of the Saturday, right through the night until mid afternoon on the Sunday. Sadly, the weather decided to make an appearance and it poured down all day and night.  People were coming in very very wet and cold meaning quite a few people just wanted to get dry and get home!   This meant we weren’t as busy as I should expect for an event like this. :'(

Athlete's Angels Logo
Athlete’s Angels Logo

We still saw a good number of people, and the massages were very well received. I’m looking forward to going more events like this (when I’m not taking part in them of course!)

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