Liz Form Video 30-05-2020

30th May 2020

Some work needed on my form videos! I need to make sure that videos are taken from both sides. It would be better to be on the flat and make the runner go faster so I can assess them without thinking that their form is being impacted by either the terrain or the speed at which they are doing.

First half of the video is running gently up a grassy slope. The second video is running a bit quicker along a flat concrete path. It would have been sensible for me to get some sideways footage here!


Arm Swing

Right arm has tendancy to hover away from the body and move in a circular motion, rather than back and forwards with a slight curve. This is a key item to focus on in form exercises.

Arm Drive 2

Forward drive doesn't come parallel or beyond the body staying behind it. Perhaps due to speed

Arm Drive

Arm doesn't swing back very far. Need to rereview on faster effort

Take Off

Hip and knee extension of take off leg could do with improvement. Landing leg isn't matching the angle of the take off leg limiting air time. All these might be affected by the hill and lack of pace in the video

Foot Landing

Foot is landing behind flexed knee which is good. It is also landing in the mid foot rather than a heel strike.

21st June 2020

It's a hedgehog! This is a demonstration of where a second follow on video and analysis would go.


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