Form run around the park

21st May 2020

Session Aim

A short run, but focus on form here. If it feels tempting to go a little quicker, feel free doing the form section but form is key.

Session Notes

Remember to socially distance!

Session Intensity

Review the Session

- Just the number in KM please.
- How hard did this run feel?

Session Details

  1. Warm Up
    A few minutes of running. Aim for 500m or so. Get the blood going
  2. Activity
    Focus now on your arm movements. Try to correct the swinging of your arms in front of you for the whole section. If you want to increase the pace, go for it a little (NOT TOO MUCH!) but arm form is the focus
  3. Cool Down
    Finish off slowing down a bit (if you sped up) and forgetting about the form. Feel free to go and see if you can see the ducklings

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