When should I not get a massage?

There are a few things which would prevent you from receiving a massage.  (We call these total contraindications)

Total Contraindications

Fever If you have a fever, your body is fighting an infection. A massage may help spread the infection around your body and will very likely make you feel worse.
Cold and Flu Similar to having a fever, a massage may help spread your infection and make you feel worse. Also, I don’t want to catch your cold!
Drunk/Hungover/high Massage will move whatever substance that is left in your body into your blood stream, possibly making you more drunk. It also impairs your judgement making it difficult to feedback on the massage
Infectious skin diseases or parasite This is to protect me from catching the infection
Suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis If you’ve a possible DVT massage could free the clot to move around your body and could cause serious problems such as strokes or heart attacks.If you suspect you’ve a DVT you need to contact a Dr.
Uncontrolled Angina

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